Free Howard Richmond.

Born Sep 27, 1970. Shot by a police officer in 2003 as an occupant of a traffic stop frightened by the officers erratic behavior. He ran and was shot in the back twice. One year later, Howard was told his wife was having an affair with his best friend and he had words with the friend and in the heat of the moment cut him and his girlfriend with a knife. Howard did not stab them he cut them got scared and ran away. The victims were treated and released from a hospital in a just a couple of hours. Originally charged with Aggravated Assault then the DA talked the victims into going along with the statement, “He was trying to kill you.” They then charged him with Attempted Murder and unjustly sentenced him to 31 years for each sentence. 21 years later the victims have forgiven Howard and stated the DA coaxed them into going along with the statement, “He was trying kill us.” When really Howard was just mad about his wife having a possible affair with the victim which turned out not to be true. Now we are filing a Motion to overturn the injustice with the newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit for Hillsborough County Florida. Please support the GoFundMe page to pay for his legal fees of $20 thousand dollars. Howard has been incarcerated without any disciplinary problems since 2004. Please help fund his legal fees and help him find freedom.

Seeking Justice: Free Howard Richmond


The case of Howard Richmond, born on September 27, 1970, is one that highlights the potential for miscarriages of justice within the criminal justice system. Shot by a police officer in 2003 under distressing circumstances, Howard's life took a turn for the worse when he was later charged with attempted murder due to a heated altercation with his best friend and his friend's girlfriend. However, new evidence and the forgiveness of the victims have shed light on the unjust nature of his sentencing. This essay will delve into the events leading up to Howard's imprisonment, the flaws in the legal process, and the importance of supporting his fight for justice.

1. The Shooting Incident:

On that fateful day in 2003, Howard Richmond found himself at the center of a traffic stop that quickly escalated due to the erratic behavior of the police officer involved. Frightened by the officer's actions, Howard attempted to flee the scene and tragically ended up being shot in the back. This incident highlights the need for thorough investigations into police conduct and the potential dangers when fear and confusion cloud judgment.

2. The Heated Altercation:

A year later, Howard's life took another unfortunate turn when he discovered that his wife was allegedly having an affair with his best friend. In the heat of the moment, emotions ran high, leading Howard to confront his friend. Regrettably, during the confrontation, Howard used a knife to cut both his friend and his friend's girlfriend. Although the victims were treated and released from the hospital within hours, the legal process took a troubling turn.

3. Flaws in the Legal Process:

Initially charged with Aggravated Assault, the victims were convinced by the District Attorney to change their statement to "He was trying to kill you," resulting in Howard being charged with Attempted Murder. This manipulation of the victims' statements and the subsequent unjust sentencing of 31 years for each count is an example of the flaws that can occur within the criminal justice system. The severity of the sentence does not adequately reflect the nature of the incident, especially considering the victims' forgiveness and the absence of any disciplinary issues during Howard's incarceration.

4. Seeking Justice: The Conviction Integrity Unit:

After 21 years of imprisonment, Howard's case has gained new momentum with the help of the newly formed Conviction Integrity Unit for Hillsborough County, Florida. This unit has the power to investigate potential wrongful convictions and correct the injustices that may have occurred. By filing a motion

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