Prayer Requests

Mike Pacca Jr. - 7/13/12

Emmaus Palanca: I have known Thomas for over 3 years now, and our connection grew through his marriage to my neighbor, Toni. We've had many conversations, and I've witnessed his sincerity and God-inspired vision, which reflects his deep love for Christ. Thomas's commitment to spreading the Gospel is truly inspiring, leaving a lasting impact on everyone he meets. I eagerly look forward to his daily Bible study each morning, knowing that he, too, rises early to work for God.

Recently, his step-son was hospitalized due to a car accident, and I have been praying for Thomas's continued strength and diligence in his endeavors. Despite the challenging circumstances, Thomas has remained steadfast, faithfully writing his daily Bible study and providing updates on his step-son's condition. His unwavering dedication comes from his profound love for God and Christ, serving as an inspiration to us all.

In these difficult times, I pray for Thomas's stamina as his step-son heals, and I hope that he continues his teaching not only for this young man but also for the rest of us. Thomas, you are a rare man, a true lover of Christ, and your faith shines brightly. May God bless you abundantly.

Lin Kirkland - 4/9/14

Please join me in prayer for Kimber Sullivan, who is scheduled for surgery next Monday to remove a brain tumor. Though this is a serious situation, we find comfort in knowing that it is not malignant, and the medical team expects to remove it entirely. Let us fervently ask God to preserve her during the surgery and grant her a successful and smooth recovery.

LaWanda Foxe - 5/2/2014

Please join me in prayers for Martha Robinson, who is suffering from pleurisy and enduring significant pain. She has been facing numerous health challenges, and we are deeply concerned for her well-being. It would certainly be beneficial if she could lose some weight, as her current condition makes it difficult for her to move about comfortably. We pray that God's healing touch and care will be upon her, guiding her towards better health and well-being.